Hier wordt geïnvesteerd in uw toekomst.
Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt dankzij een bijdrage uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling van de Europese Unie.

Flood Proof Holland

Flood Proof Holland
Delft Flood Proof Holland opened its doors in 2013. Here, entrepreneurs are testing and demonstrating a range of innovations, including temporary flood defences: modular systems and flexible constructions which can be transported, mounted and put to use quickly and simply. Open air basins are used for letting in water and discharging it at will to simulate flooding. The lab is an excellent learning environment where entrepreneurs are working in close collaboration with students and researchers.
Flood Proof Holland has quickly established itself as an important showcase for concrete solutions to the challenges faced by the delta technology sector. Over 2,500 visitors from Asia, Africa, North and South America, including the ambassadors to twenty countries, have already attended lab demonstrations. The success of Flood Proof Holland has been picked up by the national and international media and has resulted in orders for a number of the participating companies.  

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