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Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt dankzij een bijdrage uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling van de Europese Unie.
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Disdro's robust rain gauge is an acoustic disdrometer designed to require zero maintenance. This cuts down on your operating costs and enables you to build denser sensor networks for more fine-grained data collection. The Disdro sensors will not only give you rain intensity but also drop-size distributions.
Contrary to the most commonly used automated rain gauges on the market, Disdro's acoustic rain gauge does not require regular cleaning and maintenance.

The senor uploads the data to the secure cloud platform where you can access and forward your data. Disdro's clients work in widely different industries, varying from Meteorological research, Government, Agriculture, Transportation and Power.


Nick van de Giesen
+31 15 744 0160

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