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Hillblock and Slowmill presenting to Royal Dutch Shell

Hillblock and Slowmill presenting to Royal Dutch Shell

Placed on 13 November 2017

At Wednesday November 1, entrepreneurs Dorian Hill (Hillblock) and Erwin Croughs (Slowmill) took the opportunity to pitch their business concepts to a group of leaders from the gas division of energy company Royal Dutch Shell. The session, which took place at the RDM Innovation Dock in Rotterdam, was aimed at connecting between large cooperatives and innovators.

Shell and innovation

The development of large projects like “Prelude FLNG” and “Gorgon” in Australia and “Sakhalin-2” in Russia fall under the responsibility of this team at Shell. One of the topics that the team is working on, is creating a culture that is more open to innovations that come out of the market. The pitches of the VPdelta companies Hillblock and Slowmill fitted very well. They gave a direct insight into the ideas and needs of innovative companies.

Informal and personal

The Shell team was split in groups of three people, which rotated past the booths of Hillblock and Slowmill, creating an informal atmosphere with lots of room for questions. Four companies who are based at RDM also joined in.

Inspiring entrepreneurial spirits

This engagement supports connections between the business challenges of large corporates and the innovations that our entrepreneurs can provide. One of the Shell directors at the end of the session commented: “Seeing those entrepreneurs in action in the innovation dock makes me so optimistic about what is possible in life.” Dorian and Erwin clearly conveyed not only their technical solution but also their entrepreneurial spirit!