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SmartPhones4Water partners with TU Delft

SmartPhones4Water partners with TU Delft

Placed on 23 mei 2019

In many places there is a lack of data regarding the quantity and quality of water resources. And often, when there has been data collected, there is a preference to run models from a controlled environment rather than make new observations.

SmartPhones4Water (S4W) exists to mobilize young researchers, citizen scientists, and mobile technology to improve lives by strengthening our understanding and management of water. Jeff Davids, founder of S4W, explained that by focusing on capacity building and education, much data can be generated by new young researchers dedicated to improving the lives of their communities. 

This past March, SmartPhones4Water partnered with the TU Delft | Department of Water Management to offer a Smartphone Data Collection Training. If you are interested in learning more about how to use smartphones (Androids only for now) to collect data using open source tools like Open Data Kit (ODK), videos of the training are now available here on YouTube. Please contact jeff@smartphones4water.org with any questions.